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Digital Journaling Bible | KJV | Heartstrings Edition

Digital Journaling Bible | KJV | Heartstrings Edition

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💙 Explore. Annotate. Inspire. 💙

Welcome to where faith meets flexibility!

Embark on a transformative spiritual journey with The Word: Digital Journal Bible (Word DJB), an innovative digital companion tailored to enhance your devotion and study of the Scriptures.

🛵 Want to know the benefits of the Word DJB? Read Why Go Digital for your Bible Study.

This meticulously crafted PDF Bible redefines traditional Bible study, blending the sacred text with cutting-edge technology to offer a personalized and interactive experience.

Designed for use with PDF annotation apps like Goodnotes and Notability, The Word DJB allows you to annotate, highlight, and reflect directly on the text, making each page uniquely yours.

Dive deep into the word of God with features that cater to every aspect of your spiritual life. From the customizable SwordMem system that aids in scripture memorization to the Seed Tracker that encourages generosity and gratitude, The Word DJB is more than just a Bible—it's a tool for daily growth and inspiration.

🕯️ What about other translations of the DJB? Read But Why the KJV? Will Other Translations Be Available?

Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding, enhance your prayer life, or track your spiritual journey or the call of God on your life, the Word DJB provides a robust platform that supports and enriches your faith journey, all accessible from your favorite digital device.

Step into a new era of Bible study—personalized, powerful, and profoundly engaging.

Your Bible, Your Way

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  • ✔️ Full version of the Word: DJB (in the edition cover art you are looking at now)

    ✔️ Includes Old and New Testament, fully hyperlinked book and chapter navigation.

    ✔️ You can download your choice of the primary annotation background for the entire biblical text area: they are Blank, Grid, Lined, and Dots.

    ✔️ All the additional journal enhancements as seen in the images above - 20 Essential Features

    ✔️ Part of those 20 Essentials include: the Miracles of Jesus, the Parables of Jesus, the Names of God - all hyperlinked.

    ✔️ Includes the 1611 Epistle Dedicatory for the original KJV

  • ✔️ Packed with over 55+ incredible and intriguing facts about the Bible, including mathematical insights that will leave you amazed!

    ✔️ Free Bonus Sticker sample PDF book for use with GoodNotes - this feature 20 pre-cropped high resolution images for use within the Bible and other digital journals.

    ✔️ Separate PNG files of the above Bonus Sticker Sampler book so you can use them anywhere!

    ✔️ A GoodNotes .collection file of the above Bonus Sticker Sampler book that can be used as Elements in GoodNotes app.

    ✔️ A handy 12-page User Guide to help you install and use your new Word: DJB


    Craft your spiritual journey with The Word: DJB featuring customizable sections, diverse note styles, and unique opportunities to grow your personal faith walk.


    Experience scripture like never before—designed for seamless integration with top PDF annotation apps, enhancing study with digital precision and flexibility.


    Dive deep into the Word of God with plenty of room for notes, personal reflections and custom art—enrich and deepen your daily devotional experience.

Why Go Digital for Your Bible Study?

Enter our new Digital Journal Bible (DJB): a powerful tool that is revolutionizing Bible study and personal spiritual growth. This really takes note-taking to the next level: Your Bible. Your Way.

Find Out Why!

But Why the King James Version?

Is this available in another translation? The KJV brings the drama! Betrayals, miracles, epic battles sprinkled with those grand thous and thees. Plus, you'll definately impress your friends by dropping a full-length “verily” into conversations.

Find Out Why!

Customer Questions

Help! Why aren't my links working in Goodnotes?

Goodnotes has two basic modes:

Editing Mode: This is where you can write, draw, and annotate your documents using various tools like the pen, highlighter, and eraser.

Reading Mode: In this mode, you can scroll through your documents and click on links without accidentally making any edits.

So make sure your pen tool isn’t selected! When you’re in edit mode, links won’t work because you might accidentally click a link while writing and destroy the entire internet!

To fix this, just tap the pen icon in the top right corner. Voila! Your links should work perfectly now! 🔗🌟

What are your device and app recommendations?

For all you iPad users out there, Goodnotes is my top favorite—super versatile and user-friendly.

But don’t stop there! Notability and Noteshelf are also fantastic options, and new apps are popping up all the time! 📱💫

Android fans, Xodo is a crowd-pleaser, and Metamoji is another possible choice. Just a heads-up: some Android apps might not support hyperlinks. If you love using hyperlinks, double-check that your app has this feature. 🔗😉

While some PDF annotating apps come with a price tag, there are plenty of free gems available on both iOS and Android. And if you ever get stuck, YouTube is bursting with detailed tutorials to help you master your annotating app! 🎥📚

Personally I use my iPadPro and Goodnotes! In fact, my products are optimised for Goodnotes, so that would be my first choice!


Are you planning to release other translations such as NKJV, NLT, or one for Middle Earth?

The good news is currently I’m using the public domain translations of the Bible (KJV - which I love anyway) because they’re copyright-free and ready to share. 📜✨

We shall see what the future brings—but I’ll be looking into possible licensing agreements with larger publishers if possible. 📚💼

I am even thinking of doing my own 'updated' KJV where I do not change the words (per se) but just update the old style verb forms etc - so think of it halfway between a KJV and a NKJV! This is NOT a new translation, but a careful updating to eliminate some of the older and more obsolete words. I will call this the KJVN (KJV Now Edition)

So, stay tuned—great things are in the plans! 🎉

I have answered this in a little more depth in the article But Why the KJV? Will Other Translations be Available?

An Elvish translation is unlikely because it is super niche! Elves are great at composing epic poetry and ancient lore, but try asking them to conjugate "beget" in past perfect continuous and watch their pointy ears twitch in confusion.

What about mobile downloads?

So you're ready to snag your Moonpixel goodies on your mobile device? Let’s make it a breeze! 🌟

First up, you’re going to receive a PDF download with links to all the files.

Simply open that PDF and click the download link. This will take you to the Moonpixel server for your purchase.

You should now see your digital downloads ready and waiting for you, including some helpful PDF guides.

Download the files to your device and then you can import it into your favorite PDF annotating app!

How to import my new Bible into Goodnotes?

Check out the detailed PDF help file that is included in the download PDF link. But here is the brief version (and we all crave brief!)

First things first—make sure your file is downloaded and saved on your device.

Now, fire up the Goodnotes app and tap that shiny plus sign that says "New" next to it. ✨

Next, hit “Import” and navigate to the spot where you saved your file. Found it? Awesome! Tap on that file, and like magic, it will import and open right into Goodnotes! 🎩✨

You’re all set to dive in and start annotating the Bible like a pro. Enjoy! 😊

What screen orientation is best, portrait or landscape?

These digital journal bibles can be used in either portrait or landscape orientations.

It is better to use in landscape orientation—and when you think about it, if you open a physical Bible at a table or on your knee it sits in 'landscape' orientation.

This way you access the full text and all your annotations and notes.

Tell me about the font and layout of the Bible?

I chose the 'American Typewriter' font at 11 points for the main biblical text to reflect clarity and a sense of minimalism.

This particular font, with its clean and distinctive appearance, mimics the classic look of a traditional typewriter, imbuing the digital pages with a touch of nostalgia while maintaining excellent readability.

The 11-point size strikes the perfect balance between being large enough to read comfortably and small enough to keep the layout sleek and uncluttered. (although we can pinch and zoom with ease on ipads today!)

I opted for a dual column, verse-by-verse format for the main biblical text instead of a single column, paragraph format.

This decision was made to prioritize ease of navigation and enhanced study efficiency.

The verse-by-verse structure allows readers to locate specific passages quickly and to reference them with ease during your note-taking.

Additionally, the dual column layout helps to manage the length of lines, reducing eye strain and facilitating quicker reading and comprehension.

This format not only respects traditional bible presentation but also supports focused study and contemplation, making it easier for users to absorb and reflect on individual verses within the broader context of scripture.

Can I delete your cover art and use my own custom cover art?

Sure can!

With Goodnotes, you can easily delete a page and import another single PDF page as the first page.

📝 One small caveat: on the Bible Books index page, there's a tiny icon link that says "Cover Page" – this will stop working. Not a huge deal, but it's worth mentioning.

It's just the nature of PDFs; once they’re compiled into a single, finished, and flattened file, some functionality can get a bit lost if you start adding external pages. 📚✨